Not your typical session

Clients have told me that our sessions are very helpful because I’m fully present with them and share experiences from my own life if appropriate. We are all struggling with something, which can bring up feelings of shame or isolation. My goal is to provide a safe space for each person I see to talk about those feelings and the situations that bring them up so they feel lighter and more hopeful after our discussion. 

I have experience with individuals and couples. I use EMDR, CBT, DBT skills, and mindfulness to treat mental health &/or addiction challenges. I believe it’s important to look at the patterns that have developed throughout our lives in order to disrupt those thought patterns in the most gentle ways possible to allow clients to move forward in the direction they want to grow. 

I look forward to connecting with you!



I strive to help those in emotional pain by listening and providing valuable feedback during sessions that are conversations.


Each person has a purpose. There are many tools at our disposal that can help. Working together can create the results more quickly than doing it alone.